Thermopro Meat Electric Thermometer

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The new and improved TP-02S is here to meet your multitasking needs. Ever find yourself in a whirlwind of smells, beeping and heat in the kitchen? Need a quick reading? The TP-20 can be the assistant chef you’ve always needed. This thermometer is made to provide near instant readings with the long, accurate probe that keeps your finger tips away from the heat source.  A stalwart probe with rustproof metal will ensure that your thermometer will last for all your cooking needs. The TP-02S also comes with two easy buttons with power on/off the device or change the reading from C/F at the hit of a button! Because of its small and multipurpose design, the TP-02S even comes with a key ring that is compatible with common kitchen hooks. Know your perfect cook temp in seconds with the TP-02S!     Features:  * Large LCD Display
 * Long Probe 
 * Keyring for Kitchen Hooks 
 * ON/OFF Switch 
 * Celsius/Fahrenheit selector 
 * 10-minute auto-off